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Wasatch Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services, LLC is a Sandy, Utah firm founded in 2010. The firm provides a broad range of business calculation and valuation advisory services, economic/damages analysis, consulting expert services (in connection with businesses, business disputes, and damages calculations), business exit planning services.


A "calculation", as opposed to a valuation, involves an agreed to and limited procedure to arrive at an estimate of value.  The calculation engagement is generally quicker and less expensive since the procedures are agreed to and limited.  The estimate in a calculation may differ materially from a valuation, which calls for a Conclusion of Value. There are certain engagements were a calculation is not advisable or allowed--for instance, in the area of estate and gift--where the IRS will want a Conclusion of Value.  Another area were a Conclusion of Value is required is in the area of financial reporting; most small businesses do not fall into this category.


If there is pending litigation--whether between business owners or in connection with a marital dissolution--the parties and attorneys may want to consider discussing whether to stipulate to a Calculation, as opposed to a Conclusion of Value.  We are agnostic.  That said, with a Calculation the parties (and counsel) will stipulate to certain procedures  and approaches that balance the need for good information and fairness and yet address costs, this is in lieu of having a battle of experts and litigation that distracts from runing a business.  The above consideration is not an issue if the parties and counsel are committed to a robust process and have the assets to fund hire experts and depose and also video tape the experts, as wel as preserve the record for motions and subsequent appeals.  If you want to discuss the various options, understand the many issues that will impact (materially too) the value of the business or business interest, and/or get an idea of the costs, contact us.


The business calculation and valuation advisory services include: 

  • Valuations of Professional Services Companies 
  • Valuation of "Main Street" businesses 
  • Bankruptcy/Turnaround Valuations (small business focus but able to provide Liquidation Analysis and Projections)
  • ESOP (as an exit option)
  • Business Valuations for Tax (Estate & Gift) and Non-Tax Purposes (execution or amendment to a Buy-Sell Agreement)
  • Second Opinions of Valuation Reports (whether you are considering buying or selling a buisness)
  • SBA Business Valuations
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Valuations and Calculations (there are important differences between C corps and pass-through entities and the type of buy-sell arrangements used, tax consequences, and also funding gaps that insurance can partly address) 
  • Real Estate Acquisition & Financial Modeling (acquisition of:
    • Hotels (and refurbishments),
    • Multi-family/apartment (and refurbishing), and
    • Self-storage facilities
    • Analysis of structures with single and double pomos to determine returns for owner/operators and investors.
  • Pricing Opinions: Acquisition/Sale of Small Business(What price does the cash flow for this closely held business support considering the risk?)
    • In UT business brokers are not regulated and there is a considerable range in the skillset; we work closely with some UT brokers and will advise business owners regarding whether to hold-off or proceed with a sale, whom to consider using (you need someone willing to do more than just list the business opportunity in a website showing SDCF and revenues; there are very few that stretch and we can help and or team with the broker to get a process started and see it through). 

The litigation/consulting expert services include:

  • Estate & Gift Litigation
  • IRS Litigation (tax issues)
  • Lost Profits Calculations
  • Damages Calculations
  • Business Interruption Damages
  • Business Disputes (value of business or share of the business)
  • Personal Injury Damages Calculations
  • Wrongful Death Damages Calculations

We also provide exit and succession planning services to individuals, families, and legal consel in connection with their real estate and business interest.  The services offered are comprehensive and range from:


  • Preparation and review of business plans (to test feasibility of the business and/or pitch to funding sources)
  • Outright sale of a business (this should ideally occur a few years before the desired exit date)
  • Zero-tax Estate and Gift Strategies
  • Asset Protection Strategies (Domestic and Foreign Trust Asset Protection)
  • Buy-Sell funding w/life insurance
  • Funding of GRAT
  • Charitable gifting options
  • FLP funding and valuation


Why Wasatch Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services, LLC?


Professional services organizations --like us--are undergoing a dramatic change and delivering value is a key factor that sets the firms aside.  So, what value does Wasatch Bsiness Valuation & Litigation Support Services, LLC deliver that the competition doe snot offer? Here are our thoughts:

  • Our network and our relationship with seasoned FINRA licensed middle market investment bankers that are industry specialists.
  • Our ability to work with your service providers and or make recommendations (we recognize the importance of working in concert with others; others include lawyers, insurance professionals, real estate, and IT professionals.)
  • We understand the nuances of the growth and exit strategies available. (There is a fair amount of confusion and our goal is to ensure an educated and well-reasoned choice is made if an exit strategy is chosen.  Not all exit strategies make sense and we will share why. If a one or more strategies make business sense we will share those with you and --if authorized--your trusted advisors. As for growth strategies, we can assist identifying funding sources, some with financial sources Angels, VCs, PEs, and banks).
  • We know sources that provide funding for working capital (we work with sources that include factoring and unsecured lenders focused on smal business lending).
  • Our education (legal, tax, finance, IP, statistics) is  a key differentiator
  • Our work experience (litigation, M & A, capital raises, refinancing, bankruptcy, valuation, estate and gift valuations) is another key differentiator
  • While Wasatch Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services, LLC is managed by an attorney that is credentialed in business valuation and forensics, the services provided through it are not legal services or a substitute to you hiring qualified legal counsel.  We will share our thoughts with legal counsel, who is free to assess the merits of the observations and strategies shared with him/her.


Feel free to compare us to our competitors.  Call us and schedule an appointment!




If you are visitng the website for the first time or returning to the website, visit our Blog--which includes timely articles, issues, and opinions--,  download one or more "Quick Reference Guides", Court Cases, Newsletters, or follow the links pertinent to business valuation, litigation support, and middle market investment banking. 


If you have suggestions, let us know, better yet call!  If you like what you see ask interview us, refer us, and also click the Google+1 icon (to recommend the website ... those clicks help moving us up).  


A Sampling of what we think about and do ... for a living!

Damages Cases and the Benefits to your Law Firm Retaining a Consulting Expert
This PPoint captures why UT attorneys should consider retaining a consulting expert at the very early stages of a potential engagement. Wasatch Business Valuation & Litigation Support Services, LLC provides just this service!
Damages Intro Benefits of the Consulting
Adobe Acrobat Document 173.5 KB

Brief Guide for Business Owners and/or Prospective Buyers of a Business (and their counsel or CPA)

Pricing a Small Business - a tool for Sellers and Buyers
We are agnostic in terms of the services provided. Pricing a small business is difficult and it requires that the Seller remain flexible and negotiate terms. We can provide an impartial assessment of what the business may sell for based on cash flow analysis. Likewise, if you are a prospective Buyer, an informed opinion will likely save you both money and aggravation. What follows is a quick guide on a service we introduced this past December (2012) that is a must (in our humble opinion) for Buyers and Sellers and counsel.

Let us know what you think! or if you have questions.
Pricing a Small Business.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 333.6 KB
Buying or Selling a Business?
The pdf contains some thoughts regarding the purchase and sell of small business (typically an asset acquisitions where an element of "goodwill" is involved.) Many of these businesses are liste by business brokers --we are not business brokers--and the views shared are based on experience and also from non-UT business brokers. We hope this information is helpful.
Buying or Selling a Business.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 337.0 KB